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Whilst I love spending time out in the wild, photographing stunning landscapes & beautiful wildlife - I also have a great love for rugby so am often at the side of the pitch shooting my local team, Windsor Rugby.

I'm also available for family photo shoots and headshots - if you're in the Windsor area and this is something of interest to you, please do get in touch. I have lights, a few backdrops and we can shoot either in the comfort of your own home/garden or out and about somewhere local that is close to your heart - living within easy reach of the Great Park & the River Thames, there's plenty of places to shoot.

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A few of my own personal favorites...

Beachy Head

The iconic lighthouse on the South coast of England.
This was taken in the middle of a bright, sunny day which made the lighting very I decided to process in black & white, only bringing out the red of the lighthouse.

Frosty morning by the Thames

Taken in the hour before sunrise as the mist rolls up the river past Windsor Castle.
I knew the shot I wanted to get and waited until the conditions were just right - a clear, cold night before so frost would form on the river bank and there was a good chance of some mist appearing on the river. On a clear morning, a long exposure can capture the colours in the sky before dawn - something we don't often get the chance to witness.

Moon and Venus over the sea

Looking South over the English Channel as the sun heads down in the West - a Cresent Moon sits high in the sky. A little lower and over to the right, Venus begins to faintly appear.

Cheetah's Eye

This Cheetah was keeping watch whilst some others drank at a waterhole - the intensity of it eyes made this shot ideal for a black & white image with just the eye in colour.

Red Kite close up

This Red Kite flew pretty low over my head which enabled me to get such a close up shot...a fast shutter speed helped too!

Out of the Darkness...

Very early in the morning, before the sun was fully over the horizon, I came across this Lion with it's head turned towards the dawn giving some gorgeous catchlights in it eyes.

Sychryd Falls

Hidden away in a secluded valley, the warmth of sunlight filters down through the canopy.
This waterfall in Wales took a little bit of effort to find, even though I know roughly where it was - some steep climbs and a scramble down the bank were well worth the effort!

Stag on the Horizon

Late in the day after giving up hope of seeing any deer, I spotted some moving towards a gap between two copses - I moved downhill a little so that if they kept heading in the same direction I would be able to take some shots of them silhouetted against the horizon as the sun went down. Reckon it was a good move!


You can almost feel the sadness in the eye of one of the few remaining Rhinos in Africa.

Comet over the Castle

Comet Neowise rising over the Windsor Castle in the early hours of the morning.
This was taken from the Long Walk at around 1am - I was hopeful that the clouds that were on the horizon earlier would clear enough for me to get the shot and thankfully they did.
This is two stacked images, one with a really long exposure for the foreground and another, shorter exposure for the sky (I limited the sky's exposure to avoid any star trails).

Time at St Monans

A long exposure of St Monans Pier, calming the seas & sky.
I was there early in the morning, when the tide would be high and covering the surrounding rocks, so that I could take this shot. The sea was choppy at the time, spray splashing over the pier, but a long exposure allows time to calm the waters and the movement of the clouds was just what I was aiming for.

Star Trails

The motion of the Earth shown in the sky above.
Almost 3 hours of exposure taken with multiple shots, all stacked together to make one image which shows the rotation of the stars relative to the Earth in the night sky.

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