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Purchasing Photography as Wall Art for the Home

Photographs can make a big impact as wall art in the home. When purchasing photography as wall art for your home, obviously the most important thing is that you like the picture – but then what? Once you’ve decided on an image, what size do you go for, what format?

Photographing an African Safari

Taking the family on safari in South Africa had always been a dream – taking a camera was the icing on the cake! In this blog I’ll cover the kit I took with me (& why!) as well as some of our daily routine.

Improve your basic photography skills by going manual with a DSLR camera

An introduction to the Exposure Triangle and the interactions of ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture.

Shooting the Night Skies

As you probably know, Night Photography is something that I really enjoy - take a look here to find out a bit more on how you too can take nighttime shots.

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