Purchasing Photography as Wall Art for the home

Photographs can make a big impact as wall art in the home. A special place, captured beautifully in high resolution, taking pride of place on a main wall in the living area, or shots that evoke memories/feelings on display in the hallway or bedrooms. Prints like these make the home truly yours.

When purchasing photography as wall art for your home, obviously the most important thing is that you like the picture – but then what? Once you’ve decided on an image, what size do you go for, what format?


The best thing to do is stand back from the wall where you intend to hang the print and visualise it in place – it may sound odd, but pictures need a bit of space around them to “breathe”. By this, I mean that you don’t want pictures to be butted up against each other (unless it’s a collage….there are always exceptions) or other items of furniture that are positioned against the wall – these hem the picture in and distract the eye when viewing….and let’s be honest, viewing the picture is precisely why you’ve chosen to display it in the first place.

As a rough guide, leave at least 30-40% of available wall space free. If you’re hanging the picture above an item of furniture (a sofa or the headboard of a bed for example), try to have the picture width at around 70% of the width of the furniture item and around 15 to 30cm clearance between the top of the item and the bottom of the picture.

With this in mind, place some post it notes on the wall at the maximum size you feel would be good – step back and visualise it again – if you’re happy with that, measure the width & height between the post it notes so you know the maximum size. Always measure…unless you’re exceptionally gifted at guessing dimensions, you’ll end up with something too small or too large for the space.

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Ready to hang wall art is often the easiest choice to make as once you have the art piece, all you have to do is hang it and enjoy. I have 3 different, ready to hang formats available in my website store – Acrylic, Alumini & Edge Print – all of which look fantastic in their own different ways.


Acrylic – this gloss finished print under 2mm of crystal clear acrylic looks great with a floating, 3D style effect.


Alumini – with dyes infused directly into the metal, this style of print has incredible luminescence and detail.

Edge Prints

Edge Print – this is much more of a contemporary display, with the print protected by a satin laminate and the edges finished with a textured, durable 1” border.

Paper Prints - if you’re buying a paper print, you should arrange for this to be mounted & framed after receiving the print before hanging it in pride of place – in most locations there will be a reputable framer that can do this for you.

But what if you already have a mount & frame and you’re replacing the picture? All you need to do is make sure you select the right size paper print to fit. Make sure the height/width of the print is a little greater than the height/width of the mount opening, but less than the height/width of the overall mount so that the print fits well within the mount.

Untitled photo

Take time to consider the options available and how they would look in the space you have.

Ultimately though, no matter the size or format you chose, beauty is in the eye of the beholder - what looks right to you, is right for you.

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