November 2021 news

It's been a busy few months - restoring old photos, updating my website, setting up this email newsletter, a new blog post and of course getting out there to take some photos!

Restoring old photos

A friend of mine had seen that I'd been able to restore some of my parents old slides from the 70's and asked if I would be able to do similar for an old photo he had of his Dad - of course I was more than happy to see what I could do.

We didn't have the original negative and the photo had a few creases in, but I was able to scan it and do some work to reduce the redness in the image (regaining the original colour), remove some of the blemishes and improve the clarity.

Updating the website

New Blog post

I've spent some time looking into how to improve the look & feel of my website, de-cluttering it and making it easier to navigate whilst at the same time adding new content & enhancing what was already there. Hopefully it's now looking a lot better - Whilst you're here, feel free to take a look around and let me know what you think!

I know that often, whilst there's a photo you adore and would love to have on display in your own home, you can still be held back from going ahead and getting it as a piece of Wall Art as (understandably) it's difficult to decide on things such as positioning/size/format, so I've put together a brief post around this to help. You can see this here (and also check out my store ) - but please, do feel free to contact me through the website if you need any assistance.

Latest shots

I was lucky enough to have a few days in South Wales at the end of October to visit family (and whilst there I managed to get a few shots in)...

Mumbles Pier

Untitled photo

Autumnal Waterfalls

Untitled photo

Mumbles Lighthouse

Untitled photo
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